Shure SLX24/S58 Wireless Microphone System

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SLX2-SM58 Handheld Microphone
Audio input level

mic    −10 dBV maximum

0dB    +10 dBV maximum

–10dB    +20 dBV maximum

Gain Adjustment Range
30 dB

Input Impedance

1 MΩ
RF Output Power

10–30 mW (varies by region)

Pin Assignments

1    ground (cable shield)

2    + 5 V Bias

3    audio

4    Tied through active load to ground (On instrument adapter cable, pin 4 floats)

108mm x 64mm x 19mm (H x W x D)
Weight81 g (3 oz.)
HousingGalvanized steel
Power requirements2 "AA" size alkaline or rechargeable batteries
Battery lifeUp to 8 hours (alkaline)

SLX4 Receiver

42mm X 197mm X 134mm (H x W x D)

Weight816 g (1 lb 13oz.)


Galvanized steel

-105 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typical

Power requirements

12–18 V DC @ 150 mA, supplied by external power supply (tip positive)

ConfigurationImpedance balanced
Maximum Audio Output Level

Ref. ±38 kHz deviation with 1 kHz tone

XLR connector    –13 dBV (into 600 Ω load)

6.35 mm (1/4") connector    –2 dBV (into 3 kΩ load)


XLR connector    200 Ω

6.35 mm (1/4") connector    1 kΩ

Pin assignments

XLR connector    1=ground, 2=audio, 3=no audio

6.35 mm (1/4") connector    Tip=audio, Ring=no audio, Sleeve=ground

Image rejection>70  dB, typical
Volume adjustment range0 dB to -25 dB

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